Dubai, 7 December 2021 – The Brazilian Tourist Board, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro, illuminated the monument of Christ the Redeemer, which is symbol of Brazil, with the colors of the flag of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the night of 1st of December, in celebration of its 50th National Date.

This initiative further reinforces the importance of UAE to Brazil and its people. It also pays tribute for UAE in return for the cordiality of the country who illuminated the largest buildings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on September 7, 2020, on Brazil’s Independence Day. UAE recently lit pavilions at Expo Dubai 2020 in the colors of the Brazilian flag, also on the visit of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro on National Day of Brazil, November 15TH.

On the occasion, ten medals commemorating the 50 years were handed out to the Brazilian authorities who contributed the most to the bilateral relationship between the United Arab Emirates and Brazil. Embratur’s Revenue Generation Manager, Claudine Bichara, was honored for her commitment to creating bridges between the two countries.

During the event celebrating the UAE’s golden jubilee, UAE Ambassador in Brazil, Saleh Alsuwaidi said: “I would like to express my big thanks for Embratur and the Minister of Tourism for the support to this bilateral relationship. As you know, the bilateral relations between Brazil and the UAE have reached the status of partnership. The sector of tourism cooperation is very important to us, and I would like to congratulate Embratur and the Minister of Tourism for their opening of the first office for promoting tourism in Dubai. This will lead to more progress in this bilateral relation, especially in tourism.”

“The symbol of Brazil, Christ the Redeemer, illuminated with the colors of the UAE flag marks the strong symbolism of the ties that connect our countries, our cultures and the solid will to weave together increasingly intense relations in all productive sectors, especially tourism in its most diverse aspects,” explains Gilson Machado Neto, Brazil’s Minister of Tourism.

For Embratur’s President, Carlos Brito, the preparation and participation in Expo Dubai 2020 was another consolidation of the bilateral partnership between Brazil and the UAE. “We were able to get even closer to associative, private and government entities such as the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are convinced that the performance of investors and partners, as well as the presence of tourists from UAE in Brazil will be increasing. Going forward, I hope we have many reasons for joint celebrations,” Brito affirmed.