Cultivators of Change

The start of never ending good

Let us take you on a journey where nourishing the skin is all about looking after precious trees, empowering women, and keeping traditions and skills alive. A journey from a small, unremarkable nut to a big, beautiful story.

From the moment the Shea nut is picked, it starts to embark on a journey – a journey on which women are empowered, communities are built, relationships are strengthened, and lands become more sustainable.

Good must start somewhere. Sustainable methods didn’t just happen. Clean formulas didn’t always exist. Fair trade had its early days. Reducing waste wasn’t always a thing. To get anywhere, you must start somewhere. Start with a nut and set the good in motion.

It starts with a nut

IT STARTS WITH A NUT What’s in a Shea nut? The Shea nut is famous for the fatty kernel it contains, which has intensely nourishing and protective properties. These give it amazing beauty benefits and help prevent skin from drying. Shea butter is good for all skin types, all hair types, and can even be used on babies! What’s so special about our Shea butter? Rather than buying the Shea nuts or kernels, we buy Shea butter that’s made on site by women’s cooperatives using mechanized processes inspired by centuries-old techniques. There are no intermediaries. This is important to us, as it means we can

contribute to these women’s income and help to keep traditional skills alive. Plus, we know exactly what’s in the butter – and therefore in our products.

The hands that care

L’OCCITANE has been working with women’s cooperatives in Burkina Faso since the 1980’s, and more recently in Ghana. We purchase the Shea butter directly from the producers, which is financially advantageous for them, and gives the women more economic security so they can achieve a higher level of independence. In addition, it enables them to invest in improving working conditions and making the production chains more sustainable. We’ve also worked alongside these cooperatives, providing support when needed, so they could apply for Fair Trade certification and adopt organic production methods.

In 2018, we launched the RESIST Program (Resilience, Ecology, Strengthening, Independence, Structure, Training) to support the women’s cooperatives. Aimed at protecting natural resources, improving sustainability, enhancing governance, and diversifying income, this $2 million project is a strong example of our commitment to empowering women.

The tree that bears

It takes over 20 years for the Shea tree to start bearing nuts. Shea trees grow wild in eastern and western Africa and are native to this region. They can tolerate the hot, dry conditions, and need little water to survive, so they’re perfectly adapted to their environment. These trees help to prevent desertification, limit greenhouse gas emissions, support wildlife, and, of course, provide a source of income for local populations. There are no Shea tree plantations, so it’s incredibly important to help protect the Shea parklands. Our Sustainable Picking Charter, signed by the five cooperatives we work with, ensures that the Shea trees are looked after naturally, without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals, thus protecting biodiversity. Thanks to all involved, our supply chain was recognized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 2013 and 2019. “L’OCCITANE has established itself as a true partner that aims to sup – port the entire community of women’s Shea butter cooperatives and their working and living environment. This support comes through the Shea butter supply chain, but also through the L’OCCITANE’s foundation, which is involved in projects focused on training, entrepreneurship, education and safety.” Kady Traore, AFRICA PHILANTHRANTHROPY PROJECT MANAGER.

The products that give

Our Shea butter is particularly rich in omega-3, omega-6, and karitene. These three components help to nourish, soften, and protect the skin. And to ensure our Shea face and body creams* can be used by the whole family – including anyone with sensitive skin – we’ve improved all the formulas below** so they contain at least 95% natural-origin ingredients. They’re also formulated without alcohol and respect the skin’s natural ph. *Except our Hand Cream. **Except the Body Scrub, which was already Clean Charter compliant.

Hand Cream 96% natural ingredients

This formula meets the strict criteria of the L’OCCITANE Clean Charter* and helps to rebalance the skin barrier. Tested under dermatological supervision, it nourishes, soothes immediately while protecting your hands against daily aggressors.


Shea Rich Face Cream 95% natural ingredients

Thanks to this ultra-concentration of shea butter, this universal melting cream offers instant comfort and delivers 48-hour nutrition* after only one application to the (very) dry and sensitive skin. *Clinical scoring on 29 women in France


Whipped Mask Cream 95% natural ingredients and L’OCCITANE Clean Charter* compliant

This whipped mask-cream is a universal skincare to combat feelings of tightness. It immediately soothes dry and sensitive skin while nourishing for 24 hours* *Clinical scoring on 34 women in France

Shea Whipped Face Mask - Cream

Ultra-Rich Body Cream 95% natural ingredients

Made for dry to very dry and sensitive skin, this cream nourishes and soothes. It also helps to strengthen your skin’s protective barrier, brings softness and comfort, and intensely moisturizes

Ultra-Light Body Cream 95% natural ingredients and L’OCCITANE Clean Charter* compliant

With its surprising fluffy texture, the Ultra-Light Body Cream nourishes, soothes, and softens sensitive even skin. It leaves skin supple, comfortable, and moisturized for up to 24 hours. *Efficacy test on 9 volunteers

Body Scrub 96% biodegradable ingredients and L’OCCITANE Clean Charter* compliant

Formulated with 10% Shea butter and ground nutshells, this creamy scrub gently and effectively exfoliates. Particularly suitable for dry skin, it helps to eliminate dead skin cells and leaves skin feeling comfortable, perfectly smooth, and soft, ready for moisturizer. *More information on


Shea Whipped Face Mask

165 AED – 189 SR- 169 QAR – 13 KD – 17 BD – 32 JD – 68,000 LBP – 17.25 OMR

Ultra-Rich Body Scrub

159 AED – 179 SR – 149 QAR – 12.5 KD – 16. 25 BD – 30.75 JD – 66,000 LBP – 16.75 OMR

Ultra- Rich Body Cream

215 AED – 249 SR – 205 QAR – 16.75 KD – 22 BD – 41.5 JD – 89,000 LBP – 22.5 OMR

Ultra- Rich Comforting Cream

179 AED – 199 SR – 169 QAR – 14 KD – 18.5 BD – 34.5 JD – 74,000 LBP – 18.75 OMR

Shea Hand Cream

69 AED – 75 SD – 69 QAR – 5.5 KD – 7 BD – 13.5 JD – 29,000 LBP – 7.25 OMR