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March 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

The region’s largest organic beauty destination, Foxyskin has welcomed three new brands to its portfolio including Coconut Matter, Rut Essentials, Of the Islands

Shopping for skin care and hair care products becomes, even more, easier with Foxyskin’s curated range of premium brands that are, natural, sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free. All brands stocked under the Foxyskin umbrella are made with the purest of sources so you can sit back, relax and shop away products that work to regenerate the skin cells from inside out. 

No denying, self-love is the best form of love, and with these brands, you’ll have yourself falling deeper in love with you every day! Get introduced to the four brands that will change your skincare game like no other. 


This coconut-infused range consists of unscented deodorants and lip balms. Their products are made of plant-based products, infused with shreds of coconut. Their lip balms are made with fresh fruit oils and mineral oils to give your lips a smooth and supple glow. It can also be used as a blush or highlighter on your cheeks while being absolutely clean, Coconut Matter’s products let your skin breathe without clogging your pores.  

Their mood natural deodorants are made up of 16 plant mineral ingredients known for their cleansing, beneficial and lightening properties leaving you with fresh and clean armpits.   

This range can be used by men and women, it is also safe for children and pregnant women.  

Coconut Matter products start at AED70. 


Essential oils are sure to uplift one’s mood after a long day! Rut Essentials brings forward a beautiful range of essential oils carefully crafted and combined to brighten up your mood and enhance your daily skincare routine. These oils can be used to awaken the senses in a long and cozy bath by adding just 5 drops. Moreover, these oils can also complement your skin care regime by using 8 drops in your serum or moisturizer giving you that aromatic glow and adding a refreshing touch to your skin! Looking to savor the moment? The perfect solution is to diffuse the oils in a humidifier and unwind. Quite nothing else can relax oneself than a nice and relaxing ambiance coated with pure essential oils.  

The products are created from natural sources and are plant-based. They are also safe to use for children and pregnant women.  

Rut Essentials products start at AED55. 


Focusing on self-love is one of the sweetest things you can do for yourself. Do it the right way with the right products that promote an aromatic glow and encourage supple skin. Of the Islands is a personal care and skincare range that promotes magnesium to help the skin continue to thrive. Our skin on a daily basis is exposed to a multitude of harmful chemicals and pollution, we need to learn to protect it in ways that would not curate further harm. Using Of the Island’s range would encourage healthy, clean, and vegan products that would only cleanse your pores, create new cells and encourage the production of collagen in your skin.  

Created with magnesium, vitamin A and E oils, these vitamins and high magnesium not only encourage the production of collagen in our skin but also help with aging and hormonal discoloration.  

Of the Island, products start at AED125. 

Founder and concept creator of Foxyskin, Cholpon Djusueva shared a few tips to help incorporate these products into your skincare regime. 

  • If you are an athlete or enjoy indulging in fitness activities, Coconut Matter would be the brand I would recommend for a strong, clean, and unscented deodorant. Their deodorant packaging is created by using sustainable materials, hence you are standing guard for the earth as you use their products. With organic ingredients, these deodorants don’t darken your armpits, instead brighten them with their minerals and healthy fruit oils, leaving you refreshed and ready for the day. 
  • If you are seeking relaxation, there is no better partner than Rut Essentials. Apart from their aromatherapy benefits, these oils are highly beneficial for your skin and can be used as serums as part of your moisturizing routine. Adding just a few drops daily to your moisturizer can enhance your skin, deliver a natural glow and healing properties.  
  • The product that can bring the sweetest glow to your skin amidst the daily pollution and dust our skin encounters is Of the Islands. Their range features a whole lot of magnesium in each product reminding us of the importance of our vitamin intake, as well as vitamin A and E concentrate. The products carry strong sources of collagen too, which help to fight hormonal discoloration as well as rebuild new skin cells.  

All the products are available on their website for purchase, for more information, please visit  

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