38 students from the UAE graduate from Samsung Innovation Campus with outstanding success

 38 students from the UAE graduate from Samsung Innovation Campus with outstanding success

The three month-long course inspires widespread ambition as UAE youth develops advanced skillset

Dubai, UAE – 6 March 2022 – Samsung Gulf Electronics today concludes its Artificial Intelligence (AI) course designed to empower youth in the UAE as part of the brand’s global corporate citizenship program, Samsung Innovation Campus. In an effort to equip its students with AI readiness, the program delivered machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) knowledge and skillsets to respond to the high demand for disruptive digital expertise in the workforce, in alignment with Samsung’s mission to provide education for future generations.

Shafi Alam, Head of Direct to Consumer Business & Corporate Marketing at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “In an age where disruptive technologies have revolutionised all segments of industries worldwide, AI and ML become all too relevant for future generations of skilled workforces. The opportunity to engage with outstanding students in the UAE has been a learning curve for Samsung too, as we always seek to enhance the skillset brought forth by the Samsung Innovation Campus. It is with great pleasure that I witness the selected students graduate the AI program where their knowledge and skillset significantly improved throughout, and equipped them with long-term preparedness to future endeavours.”

As industries, businesses, governments continue to pursue innovative breakthroughs aligned with heightened automation and predictive insights, it will be necessary for future workforces to adapt their skillsets against advanced technologies, and that includes AI and ML. Samsung’s AI course successfully answered to the demand at the benefit of placing UAE youth ahead of the curve.

Taking place exclusively online, the course enabled participants to learn AI modeling on a foundation of applied mathematics to exemplify a fluid understanding of a broad range of AI projects, to gain a practical experience to design, implementation, and results. The curriculum also allowed participants to experience ML tools and real-world problem-solving skills. This was wholly delivered to 38 students for a period of three months at no cost as part of Samsung’s commitment to upskilling the youth of tomorrow.

As students now graduate, their overall understanding of data science tools, their applications, and the basic concepts of probability, statistics, linear algebra, and python significantly increased, proven by a unanimously heightened level of performance.

To find out more information about Samsung Innovation Campus, please visit www.samsung.com