SFERA Launches their Spring / Summer 2022 Collection

 SFERA Launches their Spring / Summer 2022 Collection

SFERA, the Spanish clothing retailer, welcomes the Spring/Summer 2022 season with a globally inspired collection. Perfect for the contemporary woman, the collection celebrates modern femininity with an ethnic twist, fusing bold patterns with muted tones. The elegant collection kicks off the summer season advancing along a road and progressing from the dawn of pre-spring to high summer. This is reflected in the amalgamation of textures, fabrics and colours that make up the collection. The materials and the colour palettes accompanying them have been chosen to evoke exotic and far-off places, plunging into the most artsy decades of the 20th Century to appear as an eclectic, elegant and daring collection that draws on different cultures to see the rebirth of the cosmopolitan, traveler woman to whom SFERA pays tribute this season.

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