Coral Beach Resort Sharjah, managed by Hospitality Management Holding (HMH), Becomes a Hearing Impaired Friendly Hotel with its New Amsaan Technology

UAE, October 2022 – Coral Beach Resort Sharjah, managed by Hospitality Management Holding (HMH), announced the launch of market leading AMSAAN technology to ensure that the visitors with hearing disability can fully enjoy their exciting services and facilities.

Gulf People of Determination Information Technologies launched their new platform AMSAAN that allows hard of hearing guests to select any of the available sign languages on the tablet and immediately connect with an online interpreter. The first step, which has already been implemented, includes Ukrainian and Russian sign languages, with Arabic, British, and international sign languages to follow soon.

‘People with hearing disability can easily communicate with other hard of hearing people but communicating with the hearing world can be more complicated. Ensuring that our hotel is hard of hearing friendly and barrier free is very important to us. We are committed to removing those barriers, so that our guests with hearing disability receive the same high-quality, personalised service we deliver for all of our hotel visitors,’ commented Iftikhar Hamdani, Area General Manager – Northern Emirates.

‘More than 9% of the world’s population suffers hearing loss of varying degrees,’ added Mr. Vitalii Mykhalchuk, CEO  of Gulf People of Determination Information Technologies. ‘Our company develops and implements complex IT solutions for deaf people and people with hearing loss that are easy to use. The key objective of AMSAAN software is to implement a distinctive approach for travellers who have hearing difficulties and promote tourism without barriers. Our global goal is to attract tourists with hearing loss from all over the world as well as to make the UAE as one of the most accessible and comfortable countries for the deaf people and we are delighted to have the opportunity to support the team at Coral Beach Resort Sharjah.’

As one of the leading hotel management companies in the region, HMH continues to pioneer innovative technology solutions aimed at providing memorable, quality experiences for each and every guest.

CBRS - Oct 2022