Best Luxury Beauty Gifts for Christmas 2022

 Best Luxury Beauty Gifts for Christmas 2022

When Santa really delivers in the Skincare Stakes

The LYMA Laser is the world’s most powerful skin regenerating gadget targeting fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scarring, rosacea, pigmentation and skin elasticity with unparalleled results. Delivering controlled, coherent laser light energy to stimulate bio-transformational cellular renewal unlike anything else seen before outside of a clinic. This is a 500mW medical grade laser beam, 100x stronger than an LED that’s been safety approved, is totally portable and completely painless, hence all the fuss. Optimised for use on all skin tones, (that’s another world first), and when used for just 15 minutes per day, visibly transforms skin. No more visits to the clinic, no more painful zapping or snapping. The best thing they’ll unwrap this year.

Laser Starter Kit Dhs8,540 LYMA

For the workaholic in your Life, the LYMA Supplement’s powerful formula was created to help you find balance in today’s modern world. 

Working too hard can wreak havoc with your circadian rhythm, your appearance, your immune system and your general mood. Most pertinent to those looking to gain an edge at work, LYMA contains Cognizin®, the world’s leading nootropic. Cognizin® has been formulated at a clinically-backed daily dose of 250mg in LYMA and has been demonstrated in peer-reviewed, randomised and double-blind studies to improve memory, mood, attention, focus and reaction speed in healthy adults when taken every day.

Supplement Starter Kit from Dhs800 LYMA