Lithuania: An Ideal Hub for Investments and Partnerships

 Lithuania: An Ideal Hub for Investments and Partnerships

Vilinus , May 28, 2023

The Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture, His Excellency Kestutis Navickas, highlighted in an interview with UAE Media delegation at his office in Vilinus ,that Lithuania, as a country, offers beneficial incentives and high-quality products for potential investments worldwide.

He said, “We are a country eager for development and growth; Lithuania is an ideal place to start a business as it is an investment-friendly country. Our country is an excellent option for business, particularly for the UAE to invest in these partnerships. We have exquisite, natural resources and a favorable environment, which can grow and produce first-rate products and can easily be transported to other countries, especially in UAE.”

Regarding their trade expansion, they are targeting to transport Lithuanian products in the Indo-Pacific Region, and he mentioned that last year they got permission to export eggs and other poultry products and the possibility to trade in Japan, the USA, and Taiwan. He stated, “We are exporting 4 billion of wheat per year. While in UAE, there is more than a 20% increase in trade in 2023 due to our strategic methods. To get more processes for food to export, we also need to produce more plant proteins to support several projects for most companies.

His Excellency Kestutis Navickas also shared the projects they are recently implementing, such as the recently launched largest vertical leaf farm located near Vilnius, several insect growing farms, new investment of Al Dahra, the renowned leader in the agribusiness sector, and initiatives for supplying organic food to publicly owned entities like hospitals, schools, home for the aged, and the like. He also mentioned that more investments from Europe are highly anticipated, more into milk and dairy products, due to the better climate than in South or Western Europe. Aside from this, he affirmed that they are also supportive of their local farmers and provide them with the benefits and profits they deserve.

In addition, commenting on their relationship with the UAE, His Excellency Kestutis Navickas, “Our partnership with this country is very important to us, and we are ready to produce more sustainable products that we can offer to high purchasing markets such as UAE. We are glad to see that we are reaching a growing number of exports in the UAE. Also, we would like to express our immense support and would happily participate again in the upcoming exhibitions.”