Glendale International School to offer quality British education in Dubai on an affordable basis

 Glendale International School to offer quality British education in Dubai on an affordable basis
  • School to offer GCSE Curriculum will commence academic sessions for Foundation Stage to Year 6 from Sept 2023.
  • New School is an initiative of the Singapore-based Global Schools Foundation (GSF) whose mission is to expand quality education around the world.

Singapore-based Global Schools Foundation (GSF) has announced the launch of Glendale International School which will provide quality British Curriculum to students in Dubai. The school is conveniently located in Oud Metha and is expected to start its first academic session from Sept 2023.

The new Glendale International School will follow an enriched approach to British education offering National Curriculum for England (NCfE) for students from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 13. Focused on well-being and diversity, the school aims to equip students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world and will open its doors to students from ages 3+ to 11 in its first year. Sprawling over 20,000 sq meters, the new premises will have the capacity to accommodate 3000 students.

Jasmit Kang

“I am thrilled to be part of this school which is going to bring a creativity-inspired British curriculum to students in Dubai, giving them an opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers around the world,” said Ms. Jasmit Kang, the school’s Founding Principal. “The rich and diverse school will be an integral part of the landscape where students will learn exceptional leadership qualities and life skills.”

Global Schools Foundation is the recipient of more than 450 international awards in educational excellence and organizational excellence from the world’s leading award bodies. It has created technology-enabled learning environments and provided diverse linguistic and

cultural exposure to students in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, India, and Malaysia.

Glendale will offer comprehensive educational programs that will foster students to succeed in a technology-focused future. The school will equip students to be digitally proficient, complemented by an Apple Powered ecosystem.

Students will be guided by qualified and certified teachers who will nurture them to think critically and be innovative. Its curriculum draws inspiration from a creativity-focused thematic approach to learning that promotes critical thinking skills.

Atul Temurnikar, GSF Chairman, said: “With Glendale International School, our aim is to nurture young students with a creativity-inspired curriculum, through experiential learning habitats and a balanced educational approach. The school is a perfect fit for Dubai’s

 educational ecosystem.”         

GSF’s extensive network of international schools – which has a presence in 10 countries through 35 campuses – is also famed for its exchange programs for teachers and students which can help them expand their skills through collaboration and polish their competencies through development courses. Their students have received offers from Ivy League universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Harvard, and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), among many other leading universities.

Global Schools Foundation

Global Schools Foundation is a global network of award-winning premier international schools including 35 campuses across Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE, The Philippines, Cambodia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and India.

Founded in 2002 and operating in 10 countries across Asia and the Middle East, the Singapore-based Global Schools Foundation is internationally recognized for its high standards in established academic criteria, management processes, and quality of governance. Built on the pillars of excellence, meritocracy, and core values in education, the foundation delivers a rigorous, quality education backed by an international network of schools, sports academies, and cultural centers.

Glendale International School offers high-quality British education where student well-being forms an essential ingredient for future success. The school is committed to nurturing the next generation of global learners by providing students with access to the right

 education through the right technology and tools.

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