Emirates Draw MEGA7: Indian Teacher Comes Close to Winning AED 100 Million

 Emirates Draw MEGA7: Indian Teacher Comes Close to Winning AED 100 Million

Dubai, UAE 20 July 2023

The recent Emirates Draw MEGA7 game took centre stage last weekend, with hopes high to crown the first AED 100 million winner and transform the lives of numerous participants. Amongst the winners wereMothkuru Siva Prasad from Telangana, India who fell short by just a single number from winning the AED 100 million Grand Prize and walked away with an incredible AED 250,000, filled with happiness and gratitude. The excitement continues with Mohammed Rafiq from Mangalore, India, who proudly won the FAST5 top raffle prize of AED 75,000, while Muhammad Kashif Hussain from Pakistan celebrated his second win in the EASY6 Raffle Draw, showcasing persistence and perseverance.

Nothing short of a heartwarming reminder of the power of possibility is Mothkuru Siva Prasad’s story, a dedicated teacher from Telangana in India. His life took an unexpected turn when he won the second prize of AED 250,000 in the MEGA7 Main Draw. Totally shocked and surprised, Prasad humbly shared, “I am still finding it hard to believe that I won. Although I missed the AED 100 million prize by just one number, I am truly grateful to God for blessing us with this huge amount!” Sharing his heartfelt plans for the prize money, Prasad revealed, “Our home is in a very bad state, with roof made of iron sheets that have weakened over the years. The storms during the last monsoon season caused severe damage to our home, forcing us to vacate and seek temporary shelter in a rented house. With this win, my priority is to build a solid house where my family can live in peace, free from worries about storms and heavy rains.” He further expressed his gratitude towards the Emirates Draw platform for providing people with the opportunity to transform their lives for a better tomorrow. Ending on a happy and confident note, he stated, “I will continue to pursue my dream of winning AED 100 million until I win it!”

Confidence and hard work go hand in hand, as the next inspiring story from Mohamed Rafiq from Mangalore, India has won AED 75,000 in the FAST5 Raffle. Rafiq arrived in the UAE in his early twenties with a desire to make it big by running his own business. Initially lacking financial funding to start a business, Rafiq worked tirelessly for almost 20 years and managed to save enough money to fulfil his entrepreneurial dream in 2018. However, the unforeseen challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in significant losses, forcing him to make the heartbreaking decision of shutting down his business and losing his hard-earned savings from the past two years. Determined not to be stop there, Rafiq resumed employment again to support his wife and children. Expressing his deep appreciation for the win, he stated, “This prize money is a lifeline that will help me regain financial stability and provide a safety net for future uncertainties.”

Speaking about doubling joy and chasing dreams is the fascinating story of Muhammad Kashif Hussain, a young marketing executive from Pakistan. Not only did he win the EASY6 Raffle when it first launched but won again AED 15,000 for the second time in the latest EASY6 Raffle. Remembering his first win, Hussain said, “When I won for the first time, my wife was pregnant with our baby boy, and the prize money helped cover all the hospital expenses. It was an unforgettable double celebration for our family.” The second win has come at a really good time, I was having a bit of a financial problem lately and my wife prayed a lot and see God has listened to her prayers. With laughter he says, “My wife is going to keep all the money as she is taking the entire credit for our second win!”

Emirates Draw continues to change lives and make dreams come true for its participants and this past weekend was no exception with 9,063 winners, each taking home their share of AED 924,126 in total prizes.

MEGA7’s AED 100 million Grand Prize, the largest prize across Middle East, Africa, and Asia, remains unclaimed by an individual or group that successfully matches all seven numbers in any order. Increase your chances of winning by participating in the next game, scheduled for broadcast on Sunday, 23rd July 2023, at 9 pm UAE time.

Emirates Draw EASY6 game is set to broadcast live on Friday, July 21, 2023, at 9 pm UAE time while FAST5 on Saturday, July 22, 2023, at 9 pm UAE time.

Participants can take part in Emirates Draw games by purchasing their tickets from the official website www.emiratesdraw.com or app, available on both Android and Apple stores.

The upcoming games will be live streamed across Emirates Draw’s digital platforms, YouTube, Facebook, and the official website. Be the next lucky winner and book your numbers early!

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