Persol and Gulf Historic in a Legendary Collaboration: Timeless Style Meets Classic Motorsports

 Persol and Gulf Historic in a Legendary Collaboration: Timeless Style Meets Classic Motorsports

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 01 December 2023

In a synergy that transcends eras, Persol and Gulf Historic have seamlessly merged their legacies to create a collaboration that captures the heart of motorsport enthusiasts and discerning style fanatics alike. This collaboration will come to life during the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival event, held in Dubai Autodrome from 8th December until 10th December.

As the curtains draw on an incredible year, Persol presents a collaboration that channels the spirit of adventure and impeccable craftsmanship. This fusion of timeless elegance with an adrenaline-charged narrative comes to life through an exclusive edition of the Jean model 0PO3310S, tailor-made for Gulf Historic’s event.

Channeling the brand’s century-old tradition of unparalleled artistry, the Persol and Gulf Historic limited-edition Jean model 0PO3310S is a bold testament to the shared passions of motorsport and style. Adorned in sleek black acetate and embellished with blue lenses, this collector’s dream showcases the distinctive Gulf Historic logo on the temple tip – an emblem of two iconic entities.

“The Persol and Gulf Historic collaboration is an embodiment of passion and precision, a true marriage of two worlds,” commented Riccardo Pozzoli, Persol Global Brand Director. “Just our eyewear epitomizes timeless style with added character, this exclusive edition resonates with motorsport enthusiasts and Persol connoisseurs alike. It’s a celebration of heritage, craftsmanship, and the indomitable spirit of adventure.”

Enthusiasts and collectors can revel in this exclusive fusion of style and motorsport at the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival. The Persol pop-up will offer a firsthand experience of the collaboration, serving as a testament to the convergence of classic motorsport heritage and timeless style.