Top features that make HONOR Magic V2 Foldable a must-have for business leaders

 Top features that make HONOR Magic V2 Foldable a must-have for business leaders

With multitasking features, 9.9mm ultra-slim design, 5000mAh battery, and large display, the new foldable is your partner in success.

Dubai, UAE – 06/02/2024

Get ahead in business with the HONOR Magic V2, your perfect partner for speed and efficiency. HONOR Magic V2 is the thinnest and lightest large foldable mobile, with a thickness of 9.9mm when folded and a weight of 231g. With a catching sleek design, robust build, and ultra-fast performance, it will elevate your business experience. Multitasking master! Check Emails, make presentations, and engage in a video call, all on one big screen. Pocket power! Ultra-fast processor, and battery that won’t let you down anywhere, anytime. Business leader assistant! Premium design and productivity superpower that keeps your desk organized and your mind focused.

Ready to discover how this all-in-one solution can transform your workday? Let’s dive into the features that make HONOR Magic V2 the first choice for savvy business leaders. Get ready to be amazed, as your journey to peak productivity and unmatched sophistication starts here!

Premium Look, Powerful Performance

Aesthetic and functional excellence, embodied in sleek Black and sophisticated purple variants. Weighing 231g, including the battery, and boasting a groundbreaking 9.9mm ultra-slim profile when folded, HONOR Magic V2 epitomizes user elegance. This device stands out as the lightest and thinnest in its class, makes it a symbol of high-end, classy sophistication, perfect for business achievers. The Super-light Titanium Hinge seamlessly combines durability and a smooth folding experience, revealing a 7.92-inch Foldable OLED display. This provides a spacious canvas for productivity, yet neatly folds into a pocket-friendly device.

Tough Enough for Anything, Anywhere

Users need more than just style; they firstly demand reliability. HONOR Magic V2 exceeds their expectations with the Super-light Titanium Hinge and Nanocrystal Glass 2.0 screen. Imagine you are running for an important meeting, holding your bag, phone and a hot cup of coffee. Suddenly the sidewalk hits you out of context, throwing your phone away! Your heart sinks, images of broken screens whirl around your mind. But you can take a sigh of relief with the HONOR Magic V2. This phone does not mind a bit of fall. Its screen is ten times more durable than usual. And the hinge is tested at an insane 400,000 folds and remains silky smooth. So, give up on panic and concentrate on wowing your clients.

Powerful Performance for Unparalleled Productivity

Time is money, and HONOR Magic V2 acknowledges this with its powerful structure and Multitasking nature. If you are tired of managing more than one device, HONOR Magic V2 is your solution to all. One moment it’s a classy and handy bar phone for short calls and messages. The next, it turns into a spacious tablet suitable for presentations, brainstorming, and immersive entertainment. You can also fold it into a laptop-like mode for comfortable viewing and typing to edit documents or check spreadsheets. So, it adapts to your requirements, overcoming traditional barriers and allows you to work wherever; play whenever. The Qualcomm Mobile Platform, combined with a robust 16GB RAM ensures smooth operation across demanding applications and multitasking scenarios.

The 5000mAh HONOR Silicon-carbon Dual Battery is a revolutionary advancement, offering a remarkable combination of a high-capacity battery in a slim, foldable design. This innovation breaks the traditional trade-off between battery size and device portability. This breakthrough is especially beneficial for business professionals, offering a device that lasts throughout the day without compromise, catering to the needs of individuals with dynamic, business-oriented lifestyles.

Unmatched Display Excellence

For business professionals who don’t want to compromise on success, HONOR Magic V2 unfolds a display experience configured specifically for their needs. The 7.92-inch Foldable OLED interior display supports users with a vibrant resolution of 2344 × 2156 pixels and a pixel density of 402 PPI. With a 90.4% screen-to-body ratio, it maximizes viewing during critical tasks. The 6.43-inch exterior screen mirrors a trusted bar phone experience with an impressive 91.2% screen-to-body ratio. Both screens feature a refresh rate of up to 120Hz with LTPO technology, ensuring silky-smooth transitions and responsiveness.

Privacy Features Tailored for Executives

Acknowledging the critical importance of privacy in the business world, HONOR Magic V2 comes equipped with the Parallel Space function. Executives can create separate profiles, each providing individualized and secure storage for confidential documents, photos, and videos—ideal for both work and personal use. HONOR Magic V2 ensures the confidentiality of private life, regardless of who may be observing.

Extended Comfort for safe Viewing

Business users often spend extended hours on their devices, so, HONOR prioritizes well-being. The foldable OLED LTPO display supports 1.07 billion colors and offers exceptional color accuracy. It is a groundbreaking eye care technology with 0 Risk Eye-Comfort Display. Featuring an industry-leading 3840Hz PWM Dimming technology and TÜV Rheinland eye comfort certifications, users can enjoy prolonged use without any eye strains. Going beyond impressive technology, the device offers a comfortable and ergonomic user experience, making it the ideal companion for day-to-day operations. It also comes with a range of smart features to enhance productivity and multitasking including the Split Screen Window.

Seamless Connectivity and Security

Seamless connectivity is crucial for business, and HONOR Magic V2 guarantees this with Bluetooth 5.3, USB Type-C, and advanced Wi-Fi capabilities. The operating system, MagicOS 7.2 (based on Android 13), ensures a smooth and secure user experience tailored to various business scenarios. The AI Privacy Call 2.0, Symmetrical Stereo Dual Speakers certified by IMAX Enhanced, and the HTEE + QTEE Dual-Security System with a discrete security chipset enhance the device’s appeal in the business sphere.

HONOR Magic V2 Foldable stands as the executive’s essential, combining elegance, durability, performance, and privacy features tailored to the demands of the corporate world.

Price and Availability

The HONOR Magic V2 will be available in a range of elegant colors: Black, Purple, and a special version in Black with a vegan leather back. 

HONOR Magic V2 is available now for pre-order in the UAE via, Emax, Jumbo, Sharaf DG, Amazon, noon & Etisalat by e& at a price of AED 6899. Upon purchase, consumers will get free gifts worth AED 4744, including Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Headphones, HONOR Watch GS3, HONOR Magic V2 Case and HONOR VIP Care+ includes 24 months screen replacement warranty, extended 30 days replacement guarantee, and extended 24 months battery warranty.