“Made Proudly in the UAE, Pakhi’s Enhances Hand Care Luxury”

 “Made Proudly in the UAE, Pakhi’s Enhances Hand Care Luxury”

Discover Pakhi’s, a local and sustainable luxury personal care brand inspired by the beauty of the Middle East.

Pakhi’s is a newly launched local luxury personal care brand set to redefine hand care standards in the Middle East. With fragrances inspired by the captivating heritage of the Middle East, the brand launched in September last year and proudly bears the label of being crafted in the heart of the UAE.

Pakhi’s most recent Moisturizing Hand Wash collection draws inspiration from nature and is crafted to nurture the skin while awakening the senses with delightful fragrances. Featuring three captivating scents—Lively Lavender, Citrus Charm, and Fresh Ocean—Pakhi’s encapsulates the essence of Middle Eastern luxury in each application, elevating the daily self-care routine into a true indulgence.

Crafted to suit individual preferences, each hand wash from Pakhi’s is a unique olfactory experience. The ‘Fresh Ocean Moisturizing Hand Wash’ stands out, boasting a fragrance as clean and crisp as the ocean air. This scent transports consumers to the heart of the sea, revitalizing both skin and senses with every use.

Meanwhile, the ‘Citrus Charm Moisturizing Hand Wash’ offers a lively blend of exotic citrus fruits, perfectly mirroring the resilient spirit and vibrant energy of the Middle East. Hands are left feeling soft, moisturized, and exuding a charming citrus aroma that lingers.

For those seeking tranquility, the “Lively Lavender Moisturizing Hand Wash” provides an escape into calmness. This calming blend is infused with the soothing essence of lush lavender fields, offering an oasis of peace. The rich lather gently cleanses hands, nourishing the skin and infusing it with a serene fragrance that soothes the soul.

As a locally made brand, Pakhi’s, under the leadership of Founder Mr. Hashim Jabbar, is carving its space in the vibrant landscape of the UAE. It mirrors the essence of the region, reflecting a commitment to excellence and a dedication to offering a moment of self-indulgence to its consumers.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Mr. Hashim Jabbar Memon, Founder of Pakhi’s, said, “My deep love for the UAE inspired the creation of Pakhi’s. It’s more than just a product; it’s my way of expressing gratitude to the UAE. Crafting something special that reflects the essence of the place I hold dear is my heartfelt contribution. With a blend of globally sourced ingredients and locally made craftsmanship, our hand wash is a testament to the importance of both quality and sensory delight. We believe that every hand deserves to be nourished and cared for, and our collection reflects that philosophy.”

Currently available on Amazon and Noon, Pakhi’s products can be purchased online.

For more information about Pakhi’s and its range of products, visit www.pakhis.ae or contact at care@pakhis.ae