Luxury Fashion Brand Marushika Launches In The Middle East

 Luxury Fashion Brand Marushika Launches In The Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 08 March 2024

The Middle East’s luxury fashion scene has welcomed a transformative new label which centres around wearable art and brings to life cultural stories through detailed craftsmanship and innovative design.

A sophisticated and artistic alternative to generic luxury fashion brands, Marushika is set to redefine elegance in the region. Wearable art pieces have been meticulously created to allow the wearer to experience authentic luxury through a mix of culture and art. 

Marushika’s first showroom has opened in Dubai Design District this month. By appointment only, discerning customers are invited to experience a highly personalised customer journey and an insight into the story, the vision and the bespoke craftsmanship behind every piece.

The brand launched its inaugural collection ‘IDAYA’ at a VIP event titled ‘Field of Dreams’ on Wednesday 6 March where the fashion world gathered in DIFC, Dubai for an exclusive preview. 

Where creative expression meets timeless tradition

Marushika’s ‘IDAYA’ collection is inspired by Madhubani art which is a visual depiction of society and culture with symbolic colours and themes that portray timeless traditions. With 25 designs depicting various aspects of Madhubani culture, the garments are inspired by the paintings women of the villages made on their respective homes, illustrating their thoughts, hopes and dreams. It is a message of empowerment and reflects the morals, values and customs of the region, creating conversations and celebrating the power of women.

Embracing individuality, craftsmanship and timeless style, Marushika’s designs fuse traditional folk art and culture with contemporary style. For those who value individuality and creativitiy, this avant- garde brand offers timeless designs using high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.

The creator
Manisha Verma is the Creative Director and Founder of Marushika. Inspired by her home state in India, Manisha developed a passion for art and design at a young age. An accomplished Textile Designer with a master’s degree in Apparel Production and Merchandising Management, she drew inspiration from the diverse cultures she experienced across Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Manisha’s artistic spirit blossomed, intertwining with her fascination for the intricate tapestry of folk art. With each stitch, she wove stories of heritage and tradition, infusing her designs with soulful resonance. Her collections encapsulate a strong blend of folk art and modern western silhouettes, offering an experience of nature at its purest.

With a keen eye for detail, her creations are more than garments; they are a testament to the profound dialogue between the human spirit and nature.

The vision
“My designs for Marushika represent a physical manifestation of emotions and a connection to one’s spiritual side. I don’t design according to trends, but rather I aim to create them, bringing a new retrospective angle to the luxury fashion industry and revitalising the concept of ‘wearable art’.” Said Manisha Verma, Creative Director of Marushika. I am delighted to open Marushika’s first showroom in Dubai Design District and bring to life my collection which meshes the traditions and culture where I was born with the modern refinement of my new home in the UAE. My goal is simply to make women feel confident, smart, happy, and beautiful when wearing my designs.”

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