ITQAN and QuEra announce partnership to enhance UAE’s quantum computing application

 ITQAN and QuEra announce partnership to enhance UAE’s quantum computing application

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 18 March 2024

UAE’s ITQAN, a leading Systems Integrator and QuEra Computing, a Boston-based pioneer in neutral-atom quantum computing, have announced their partnership to accelerate the UAE’s adoption and leadership in real-world quantum computing applications.

In a determined effort to foster a dynamic quantum computing ecosystem in the UAE, ITQAN and QuEra are setting the stage for a comprehensive framework that promises not only to accelerate the UAE’s quantum computing trajectory but also to catalyse the practical application of quantum technologies across diverse sectors.

While ITQAN is renowned for its expertise in integrating cutting-edge technologies into comprehensive solutions, this collaboration also draws on QuEra’s foundational research, conducted in association with luminaries from Harvard, MIT, and its in-house team. QuEra has emerged as a leader in the quantum computing domain, highlighted by its pioneering launch of the world’s first publicly accessible 256-qubit quantum computer.

This alliance marks a significant stride in ITQAN’s ongoing endeavour to bring forefront technologies to the UAE, resonating with the nation’s strategic imperative to spearhead technological innovation. Moreover, this partnership brings new opportunities for the expanded accessibility and expedited deployment of quantum computing solutions within the UAE, paving the way for a transformative quantum ecosystem.

Ali Jaber Al Yafei, CEO of United Technology Holding, parent group company of ITQAN Al Khaleej commented: “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with QuEra in the realm of quantum computing. This collaboration aligns perfectly with the progressive technological advancements fostered by the UAE. We believe this partnership will form a fertile ground for propelling applied research and realising practical solutions to real-world problems through the immense power of quantum computing.”

Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer of QuEra Computing commented: “Our collaboration with ITQAN marks an exciting moment in quantum advancement. By combining QuEra’s groundbreaking quantum computing technology with ITQAN’s integration prowess, we are not just contributing to the UAE’s technological milestones but also empowering industries to unlock unprecedented possibilities. This partnership is set to raise the bar on what’s achievable, paving the way for practical quantum applications that can revolutionise fields from energy to finance and logistics.”

At the heart of this ecosystem is ITQAN’s dedicated team, offering expertise to entities venturing into quantum computing. Additionally, access to QuEra’s avant-garde quantum computing infrastructure will enable organisations to pioneer and refine bespoke solutions, addressing their unique challenges. The synergy between ITQAN and QuEra’s expansive expertise ensures a cohesive suite of development and support services, aimed at facilitating a seamless transition for organisations exploring the quantum computing landscape.

ITQAN, since its establishment in 1984 as Al Bawardi Computers and rebranded in 1997, has been unwavering in its commitment to delivering exceptional solutions, tailor-made to address the dynamic needs of their enterprise clients. ITQAN’s extensive portfolio, spanning Applications, Infrastructure, Cyber Security, and Integrated Security, has set them apart as industry leaders. Their presence in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, reinforced by a dedicated multinational team, further solidifies ITQAN’s reputation for excellence and innovation.