Meet the AI-Powered HONOR Magic6 Pro: Redefining Magic in Smartphone Technology

 Meet the AI-Powered HONOR Magic6 Pro: Redefining Magic in Smartphone Technology

These practical and revolutionary AI features coming to the HONOR Magic6 Pro will convince you to make the switch.

Artificial intelligence has become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, and one of the biggest news in 2024 was the launch of the HONOR Magic6 Pro, boasting a suite of AI functionalities. This groundbreaking smartphone brings the power of artificial intelligence directly to users’ fingertips. The AI capabilities of the HONOR Magic6 Pro are designed to provide meaningful enhancements across various aspects of life, with a particular focus on optimizing everyday usage of the phone.

Experience Sportography with the Best AI Camera Smartphone

The HONOR Magic6 Pro takes sport photography to the next level with its intelligent AI Falcon Camera. Gone are the blurry action shots as HONOR Magic6 Pro’s “AI Motion Sensing Capture” uses AI to optimize photos and videos for dynamic moments. 

With a football player about to kick the ball, the AI analyzes the player’s stance, leg position, and overall movement trajectory to anticipate the peak moment of action (the kick itself). By predicting this crucial moment, the camera can adjust settings like shutter speed and focus even before the action unfolds.

While excelling in sports photography, AI Motion Sensing Capture isn’t limited to the athletic arena.  This technology shines in any scenario with fast-moving subjects.  Whether capturing a child’s dance, a playful dog chasing a frisbee, or even the stunning movements of a concert performance. The AI recognizes and adapts to these dynamic scenes, ensuring you capture the essence of the movement with exceptional clarity.

The updated version of HONOR AI Falcon Camera is AI network trained with over 8 million images which is 28 times larger than the previous generation.

Magic Portal: Practical AI Function for Everyday Usage

A standout feature of the HONOR Magic6 Pro is its ‘Magic Portal’, an AI feature designed around human-centric intent. This innovative capability enables HONOR Magic6 Pro to interpret text messages, images, and user behaviors, then, it predicts and gives better solutions.

For example, you can quickly copy an address and move it to navigation apps with a simple drag from one app to the side of the screen to the other app. Similarly, they can snap a photo and effortlessly drag it to social media apps for instant sharing.

This functionality is particularly advantageous for professionals on the move, as it allows them to swiftly drag notes or images directly into emails and send them without the without the hassle of copying or saving it first.

AI Privacy Call 3.0: Keep Your Calls Conditional in Public Places

For those who crave privacy during calls, HONOR’s AI Privacy Call 3.0 on HONOR Magic6 Pro is a game-changer. This innovative technology tackles sound leakage, a common concern in public spaces. 

Using a combination of AI and hardware, AI Privacy Call directs sound straight to your ear, which ensures your conversations remain confidential, whether you’re discussing business strategies on a crowded train or planning a surprise party on the bus.

In the new version, users can activate the privacy mode from volume level 1 to level 9, which is one level higher than the previous generation.

HONOR’s Vision for AI on Devices 

At the recent MWC 2024 in Barcelona, HONOR unveiled a unique AI strategy that goes beyond the typical approach. Their vision focuses on four key layers of AI integration, offering a more comprehensive user experience.

Layer 1: This layer utilizes platform-level AI to create a seamless ecosystem. HONOR’s MagicRing feature exemplifies this, allowing for effortless connectivity across your devices.

Layer 2: Personalized User Experience:  Moving beyond basic functionalities, Layer 2 leverages AI to personalize your experience.  HONOR’s MagicOS 8.0 with the industry’s first Intent-based UI analyzes your habits and preferences, customizing your phone’s operation. 

The 3rd layer refers to the on-device application of AI, including application-level AI like photo cropping and photo rendering and the 4th layer is hybrid AI, or the synergy between on-device and cloud-based AI, demonstrating cloud-based AI capabilities on smartphones, such as Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC).

While most manufacturers focus on on-device AI applications (Layer 3) and cloud-based applications (Layer 4), HONOR’s innovative approach prioritizes these first two layers. This creates a more unified and intelligent user experience.

Pricing and Availability

HONOR Magic6 Pro is available for pre-order Black and Epi Green for AED 3999. Upon purchase, consumers will get free gifts worth AED 2194 including Smart Ring, HONOR Choice X5 Pro, HONOR Care+ and more. Consumers can get HONOR Magic6 Pro through HONOR Online Store, Hihonor, Etisalat by e&, Emax, Sharaf DG & Jumbo.