Khazna’s.. strategically positioned to meet the growing demand for cutting-edge, AI-ready digital infrastructure

 Khazna’s.. strategically positioned to meet the growing demand for cutting-edge, AI-ready digital infrastructure
Ziad Samaha

Can you share any success stories or notable projects that Khazna has been involved in?

Khazna’s recent flagship data center AUH6 in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City is not only a project we are incredibly proud of, but it also sets a new standard for data centers across the region. This is a state-of-the-art data center boasting an impressive 31.8 megawatts (MW) of IT power capacity and strategically positioned to meet the growing demand for cutting-edge, AI-ready digital infrastructure. The innovative approach of AUH6 towards construction, employing a modular and repeatable design for data centers sets it apart. This approach not only enhances construction efficiency but also boosts performance, accelerates deployment timelines, and ensures seamless day-to-day operations. The project was completed in a mere 19 months, which is a testament to Khazna’s dedication to progress.

AUH6’s strategic location within Masdar City adds a unique layer of sustainability. Through a partnership with EMERGE, we have developed a ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) plant, that will provide power to the facility. This solar plant, holding Abu Dhabi’s Department of Energy Solar Photovoltaic (PV) self-regulating generation license, boasts an impressive installed capacity of 7 megawatts peak (MWp).

What kind of support and services does Khazna provide to its clients?

For over a decade, Khazna has been a cornerstone of digital transformation, propelling the UAE to the forefront of innovation. Amidst this journey, Khazna remains committed to facilitating the integration of cutting-edge technology, including AI, into data center solutions. Khazna’s superior customer experience includes a secure and dependable infrastructure, meticulously designed to meet stringent industry green standards while empowering our customers to leverage AI for strategic growth and innovation. Our state-of-the-art facilities with the region’s lowest average PUE, combined with our expert team and strategic locations, create an ecosystem conducive to the seamless integration of AI technologies, enabling our partners to unlock new possibilities and drive business success with zero downtime.

How does Khazna stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies?

We continually update our technologies to explore the power of cutting-edge advances in data hosting; this enables our experts to ensure that every Khazna site is always running at optimum levels.

To stay ahead of the curve, we continue to be part of instrumental conversations with our customers, exchange best practices with our industry peers, speak with experts and attract bright young minds to Khazna. For example, to bring the vision of AUH 6 to life, Khazna employed the innovative DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) methodology. In pursuit of this methodology, we established an onsite workshop dedicated to creating its own DFMA models. This facility enabled the fabrication and delivery of essential subassembly components containing pipework, ducts, and cable trays directly to the construction site, streamlining the building process. As a result, we achieved a remarkable milestone of completion in just 19 months, setting a record for safe construction efficiency.

Our network of data centers is now expanding rapidly, and through working with our customers to create bespoke solutions, we unlock new methods and efficiencies together.

With our experience and expertise of working with large corporates and global hyperscalers, we understand their concerns about expanding into the region and learn their evolving needs.

Can you tell me about the company culture and values at Khazna?

At Khazna our culture is founded on four core values. Pioneering, Together, Excellence and Committed. These principles are evident in every customer interaction and serve as the guiding force behind all we do. Our customers experience these values at every touch point, reflecting our dedication to innovation, collaboration, superior quality, and unwavering commitment.

We take the time to fully connect with our customers’ vision, helping to minimize their infrastructure investment and releasing capital to strengthen their core business offering. As part of our ambition to expand regionally, and globally, we’re also forging partnerships of mutual benefit with other leading companies.

Khazna understands that when we take on the responsibility of providing vital data hosting solutions, we’re also part of helping to provide business solutions. Which means speed to market is paramount.

Whatever the size of the requirement, every individual solution is unique and independent, with modular designs that provide built-in flexibility to expand to match the future needs of growing business.