Saudi National Celebrates AED 70,000 Win with Emirates Draw!

 Saudi National Celebrates AED 70,000 Win with Emirates Draw!

Over AED 740,000 in Prizes Offered to 6,200+ Players.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 4, 2024

Emirates Draws continues to change the lives of its subscribers by offering daily and weekly opportunities to win prizes amounting to 100 million UAE dirhams, with tickets priced starting from 5 dirhams only, through its various draws: Easy6, Fast5, Mega7, and Pick1. .
At the end of each week, thousands of participants await the results of the draw, and last week, Saudi citizen Faisal Dakhil, who works as a business development manager, received an unforgettable surprise when he saw his name on the screen during the Mega 7 draw and learned that he had won the largest prize in the guaranteed draw, worth 70,000 UAE dirhams (71,500 riyals). Saudi)!
Dakhil, who started participating only 3 months ago, could not believe what he saw and re-watched the draw on YouTube several times to confirm that it was real.
“When I saw my name on the screen, I was in shock,” Dakhil said. “I couldn’t believe that that was my name or that I was seeing my ticket number.”
Dakhil followed a special method for choosing numbers. He was inspired by one of his colleagues, so he chose a favorite combination based on the numbers three and five, because he believed that these two numbers had a special meaning for him.
Dakheel encourages everyone to participate by saying: “Continue participating, the Emirates Draws are a real draw and you can win.”
Dakhil, the head of the family, will invest the prize by taking his family on a special vacation, in addition to renovating his house to make it more comfortable and beautiful.
In this way, the Emirates Draws continue to make dreams come true every week, and with continuous participation, the win can come at any time, just as happened with Dakheel, who was among more than 6,200 winners who received more than 740,000 AED during last week’s draws.
Follow the weekly draws live daily from June 7 to 9, 2024, at 9 pm UAE time, via the UAE’s digital platforms for draws: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the official website.
The Easy6, Fast5, Mega7 and Pick1 draws give you the opportunity to make your dreams come true! Choose your numbers and codes early, and stay tuned for more news by following @emiratesdraw on social media.

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