Global Trends Show Revival in Core Engineering Jobs; BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus Leads the Way

 Global Trends Show Revival in Core Engineering Jobs; BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus Leads the Way

Dubai, UAE

BITS Pilani Dubai Campus (BPDC) has seen a significant increase in campus placements for students in core engineering disciplines such as Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. This trend aligns with global shifts indicating a renewed demand for core engineering jobs, underscoring the UAE’s strategic focus on industrial growth and economic diversification.

Recent studies by the World Economic Forum and Deloitte forecast a sustained increase in engineering jobs, particularly in the areas of Chemical and Civil Engineering, driven by a global emphasis on sustainable development and infrastructure modernization. BPDC’s placement success is a testament to this global trend manifesting locally.

The UAE’s dedication to becoming a global leader in innovation and sustainability has spurred investments in major projects, including Expo 2020 Dubai and smart city developments. These initiatives have significantly increased the demand for core engineers.

Over the past two years, BPDC has achieved a job placement rate exceeding 90% for its Chemical and Civil Engineering graduates. This exceptional success is attributed to several key factors. Collaborations with leading industries ensure the curriculum remains relevant and students are well-prepared for the job market. Practical experience through internships enhances students’ employability. Additionally, the Industry Readiness Program provides training in soft skills, resume building, and advanced technical courses, equipping students for seamless workplace integration. Career fairs and placement drives also play a crucial role, effectively connecting students with potential employers.

While the demand for IT and Computer Science professionals remains robust, the notable rise in placements for traditional engineering graduates highlights the UAE’s balanced growth approach. This strategy leverages both technological advancements and traditional industrial strengths.

“At BPDC, we are proud to see our engineering graduates thriving in the job market. Our commitment to providing industry-relevant education and robust career support has paid off, as evidenced by our high placement rates,” said Professor Srinivasan Madapusi, Director of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus.

“Seeing the global resurgence in core engineering jobs mirrored at BPDC reaffirms our efforts in preparing students for the evolving job market. Our strategic initiatives and strong industry ties have been crucial in achieving this success,” added Abdul Razzak, Manager of Career Services at BPDC.

In the most recent placement season, over 85-90% of students in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, and Civil Engineering secured jobs, reinforcing BPDC’s reputation as a leading institution in engineering education.

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